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MBSR Course

MBSR stands for Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and is an 8-week program that can help you relax and strengthen internally.

The MBSR course consists of a combination of sitting meditation, walking meditation, yoga, and mindfulness exercises. You will learn to consciously focus your attention on the present moment and to be aware of your sensations, thoughts, and feelings.

Defined as "the attention that arises from intentional observation in the present moment and without judgment" mindfulness is your key to a more harmonious life.

The aim is to promote mindfulness and thereby reduce stress and find inner peace. Additionally, coping with difficult emotions, unpleasant physical sensations, and mindful communication will be taught.

Participating in an MBSR course might be for you if you:

  • Approach life calmly, energetically, and enthusiastically.

  • Want to develop healthy coping strategies for short-term and long-term stress.

  • Want to effectively manage and reduce levels of pain.

  • Improve concentration, build resilience, and quickly recover from challenging events.

  • Cultivate self-care for more balance, ease, and inner peace.



The training is based on learning through self-experience, meditations, and sharing experiences in the group.

Participation in the training requires a willingness to practice Formal and Informal Mindfulness for approximately 45 minutes six days a week during the 8 weeks.

A stable internet connection and a working microphone are required for this training.

Group Size

The group size is a minimum of 6 participants, maximum of 12 participants.

Course Dates

I am happy to share the next appointments upon request.

Transformational Sessions

The cost is 800 CHF. The costs include:

  • Individual preliminary discussion

  • 8 group sessions of 2.5 hours each

  • 1 silent retreat day on a weekend lasting 5 hours

  • Comprehensive accompanying course materials

  • Audio files for meditation

Private Groups

There is the possibility to conduct the course in private groups. It doesn't matter if they are friends, relatives, employees, colleagues, or other constellations.

Course Content

The main focus of this training is on the following topics:

  • Body-based perception while lying down (Body-Scan)

  • Mindful body exercises

  • Various meditations (including sitting and walking meditation)

  • Mindfulness exercises for everyday life

MBSR 8-week Course Overview:

  • Week 1 – Mindfulness

  • Week 2 – How we perceive the world

  • Week 3 – Being at home in the body

  • Week 4 – Stress and unpleasant experiences

  • Week 5 – Stress response and coping

  • Week 6 – Communication

  • Week 7 – Taking care of oneself

  • Week 8 – Review and Outlook

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