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Fun facts about me

  • I love animals! My favorite pets are cats and dogs - I often dream of having a travel cat and wandering around the world with her...

  • Anime is a big love of mine. My favorite films are Hayao Miyazaki's "Howl's Moving Castle" and Makoto Shinkai's "YOU"


  • "Slow travelling" is my preferred way of travelling. So you have enough time to get to know the culture, the traditions and above all the food from the different areas.  

  • My superpower is knowing exactly where and how best to start working with my client. It's a bit creepy sometimes, but as soon as you work with me you can quickly see where the journey can go...

My Story:

My name is Eva Katharina, and I help you strengthen your boundaries and live mindfully in the here and now - connected with your body.

Life has presented me with significant challenges from the very beginning. Through heavy losses, war, and poverty, a longing grew inside me that I couldn't quite grasp. For decades, I delved into countless books on psychology, shamanism, and spirituality and attended numerous therapy sessions. Despite all these efforts, I felt as if I wasn't any closer to fulfilling my deep longing.

This longing was like a constant hum in my inner being, an inexplicable search for something I couldn't name. It became my constant companion, a silent urge that drove me to keep searching, even when I didn't know exactly what for.

One day, I unexpectedly found myself in a body-based trauma therapy, unsure of what to expect. This experience of mindful body awareness led me to a new understanding of the strength and wisdom of my body. I also learned to perceive and strengthen my own boundaries.

And suddenly, like a lightning bolt, it became clear to me:

The deep longing that accompanied me over the years was actually the longing to be connected with my body and in the here and now.

This experience moved me so profoundly that I shifted my entire focus to mindfulness and personal boundaries in an instant.

To deepen this understanding further, I opted for further training in personal boundary awareness with Klaus Blaser from Basel. There, I had the opportunity to thoroughly explore the subject of personal boundaries and learn directly from a pioneer in the field. In parallel, I deepened my mindfulness practice and completed my MBSR teacher training at the Mindful Academy under Bodhin Philip Woodward.

Currently, I am undergoing training to become a Boundary Awareness Teacher Trainer with Klaus Blaser, aiming to deepen my knowledge and skills in this field to teach coaches, consultants, doctors, psychotherapists, pastors, etc.

Now, it has become my vocation to help others strengthen their personal boundaries and live mindfully in the here and now - connected with their bodies.

A quote that describes my work comes from Eckhart Tolle:

"Wherever you are, be there totally."


"You find yourself by coming into the present."

It deeply touches me to see how my clients find the connection with their bodies and can be present with themselves and in the now.

If you feel it's time to transform your life and find yourself, I invite you to work with me. Let's embark on the journey back into our bodies together.

Eva Katharia

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