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Boundary Constellation

Your inner space is alive, changeable, and directly experiencable; In this form of setup, you can engage with all aspects of yourself: the images, experiences, feelings, views, responsibilities, and tasks.

You can give these elements an appropriate place, identify and reject foreign elements, work on your boundaries, and much more. This process is intuitive and arises directly from within you. What wants to be seen reveals itself, and you can surrender to it with consciousness and intention.

What can I expect from a border visualization?

I will guide you through a mindful process where you represent your inner space using woods and figures. In doing so, you become aware of your inner world, your boundaries, and the outer world.

It is about feeling and delving into deeper levels of your inner self, so there is little talk during this work, but much mindful perception.

Throughout the process, we pay attention to emerging impulses. Although this work does not presuppose a goal, changes to your boundaries can be made, and these changes can be profound.



Since we will be practicing mindfulness for this setup, it is advantageous to be able to feel and allow physical experiences.


The cost is 120 CHF per hour and includes:

  • A setup of your choice, usually lasting 1-2 hours

  • A follow-up discussion of approximately 15 minutes. This can also be done by phone.

This way, the nature of personal boundaries can be spatially represented, and the effect on our well-being can be physically experienced.

There are two variants:

  • A setup of personal boundaries

  • A setup of well-known & burdensome feelings

Additional Offer

In addition to the topic of boundaries, I offer an 8-week Self Boundary Awareness Training to strengthen the ego boundary according to Klaus Blaser.

For more information, see the menu under Boundary Awareness Training.

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